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Treeshop launches its container trees

South Africa is privileged to have a rich flora of indigenous trees. Most of our trees grow very large over time, and are therefore not suitable for planting in smaller gardens. BUT THERE IS A SOLUTION!

Many South African tree species will grow well in a large pot or container. If a tree is planted in a very small container (for example 5L or less), it is referred to as a bonsai. In contrast, Treeshop's product range is aimed at planting trees in larger containers -50L and more.

It is widely accepted that the size of many indigenous tree species can be limited by containing their root volume - and you can do this by planting them in containers.....

Various indigenous tree species planted in large pots. 6 trees in a space 10mx15m

From left to right: Cheesewood, Pompon tree (flowering), Bushveld bluebush, Wild Olive. All trees in an area approximately 10m x 15m

Going forward, Treeshop will introduce specific indigenous species which we have tested and found to be container friendly. Our first container tree species that are sales ready, is Kei-apple (Dovyalis caffra). For more information click here.

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