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Dovyalis caffra | Kei-apple container trees for sale

Kei-apple's compact growth form, combined with its abundant growth after pruning makes it an ideal container tree. Dovyalis caffra is frost and marginally drought tolerant. It has a non-aggressive root system and grows well in full sun as well as semi-shade. Kei-apple is a semi-deciduous, bi-sexual tree. Female trees carry many fruit (bright yellow, about the size of a golf ball).  The fruit is rich in vitamin-C, can be eaten fresh (although rather tart!) and is also used for making jam.

Kei-apple leaves are eaten by beetle larvae. They are very fond of young leaves, and if not controlled, will cause stunted growth at best or the tree to die at worst.  Fortunately this plague is easily controlled by soaking the tree's roots with a systemic pesticide. The tree absorbs the pesticide and infection by either beetles or larvae is practically prevented, alternatively quickly eradicated. 

Kei-apple container tree in large pot
Kei-apple container tree for sale

Example of Kei-apple

Specially grown as Container tree

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