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A new look at some of the iconic trees of Kruger National Park, South Africa

Observe the tree forms of Jackal Berry trees growing in the KNP in the gallery below. We identify a first form which we describe as a specimen tree. (Image top-left). Trees in this class have grown over many decades to a very large size. Their shapes are typical of their respected species. They are truly iconic tree species of the Kruger.

But also observe a second class, which we call Nature Bonsais (# NatureBonsai). These trees have been shaped over decades by the forces present in an un-spoilt eco-system; an eco-system that has been around for millennia, delicately balanced by wild-life activity, rain, wind, fire, heat, cold, soil condition and more. They too are iconic trees of the Kruger National Park. There are not many places in today’s world where we have the privilege of enjoying such natural beauty!

Gallery2 shows a specimen Marula tree (top left) and Apple leaf tree (bottom left). Also shown is nature bonsai examples of these species. What is amazing of the Kruger eco-system is the fact that one sees both these forms in abundance in the Park.

Can one replicate these forms as bonsais in our gardens?

It is our view that it is indeed possible. Read more about this at #MarulaAfricanBonsai; #JackalBerryAfricanBonsai.

We hope that we opened your mind to look at our indigenous trees with a different eye.

Friendly regards

Piet and Sandra Stoker

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