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Treeshop launches its African Bonsai trees

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

South Africa is privileged to have a rich flora of indigenous trees. We have been dreaming for many years to make some of this beauty available in pots: Small pots for the bonsai market, medium pots for the small garden market, and large containers for the commercial property development market. We put our dream into action in 2020. In this post we share our progress to date. You can read more about "African Bonsai" versus conventional bonsai here

Display of African Bonsai trees | Trees indigenous to Southern Africa
Entrance to Treeshop's African Bonsai trees area

The African Bonsai page on Treeshop's website covers the following topics: (visit page)

  • African Bonsai trees explained. (Short description and images of real life trees.)

  • Treeshop's African Bonsai journey

  • View a few examples of our African bonsai collection.

  • African Bonsai tree catalogue Index (List of African Bonsai trees for sale, arranged in alphabetical order per species' scientific name)

When you click on any one species in the above list, it directs you to a dedicated African Bonsai species page with the following content: (see an example)

  • Can (the species) be grown as a bonsai?

  • (The species') shape and size

  • How do I care for (the species)

  • (The species') African Bonsai stock for sale

Please appreciate that it is a huge task to write all the above content. We will expand our catalogue in due course and keep you posted.

From all of us at Treeshop, we wish you a blessed Christmas and prosperous and happy 2022.. Thank you for your support over the past year. It was a pleasure to meet many of our clients at the nursery.

Friendly regards.

Piet an Sandra Stoker

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