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Syzygium guineense | Bushveld waterberry for sale | Bosveldwaterbessie

Buy Bushveld waterberry trees at prices for various bag sizes: see below.

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Bushveld waterberry also known as Water pear (Bosveldwaterbessie, Waterpeer) is a fast growing, evergreen tree with a drooping growth form. It is medium sized and has a slightly aggressive root system. It requires modest amount of water and tolerates mild clay soil.  Syzygium guineense has attractive white, scented flowers borne in multiple flower heads.  These develop into fleshy, dark purple, edible fruit. Bushveld waterberry is slightly frost sensitive.  

A few gardening ideas:

Syzygium guineense  is an easy grower, but requires regular watering. It can become large and we recommend this tree for larger gardens only. Plant it for its attractive flowers, which will attract bees to the garden. Birds love its fruit. The tree's  leaves form a dense canopy, making it a good choice for a year-round shade tree - but you may have to cut back its drooping  branches from time to time. If you are prepared to give Busveld waterberry a bit of tender loving care, plant it in a large pot. This is the way to go if you want to enjoy this species in a very small garden. 

Value to honeybees: Nectar, N1-3;  Pollen, P0-2;  Flowering months 8-1, (9-10).   (See  blog-post "The bee-value of South Africa's trees" for an explanation of codes)

Currently only available in 50L

Bushveld waterberry for sale | Water pear for sale | Bosveldwaterbessie, Waterpeer | Syzygium guineense.jpg

Syzygium guineense (Bushveld waterberry) in 50L for sale. 

Recommended retail price-50L 


  • Height 1.5m+

  • Trunk 20mm+

  • Diameter 0.8m+


Prices exclude VAT and delivery cost. Discount available in accordance with Treeshop's policy.

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