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Portulacaria afra | Porkbush tree for sale | Spekboom te koop

Buy Porkbush trees at prices for various bag sizes: see below.

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Porkbush is a small. evergreen, water wise tree with a shrub-like growth form. It has edible fresh-green, fleshy leaves and bears purple flowers, sometimes in profusion.  Portulacaria afra is a favorite food source for almost all game. It is an easy grower with non-aggressive roots. The species is slightly frost sensitive.  

 A few gardening ideas:

Portulacaria afra is a striking tree for a small, water wise garden. Plant it as a focal point or use it as a screening tree up to 2m high. It does well in a container and is also a popular bonsai. 

Value to honeybees: Nectar, N0-2;  Pollen, P0-1;   Flowering months 9-3, (11-1).   (See  blog-post "The bee-value of South Africa's trees" for an explanation of codes)

For more information on this species go to PlantZAfrica Portulacaria afra, Porkbush, Spekboom

Currently only available in 50L

Porkbush tree for sale | Spekboom | Portulacaria afra.jpg

Portulacaria afra (Porkbush) in 50L for sale. 

Recommended retail price-50L 


  • Height 1.2m+

  • Trunk 20mm+

  • Diameter 0.8m+


Prices exclude VAT and delivery cost. Discount available in accordance with Treeshop's policy.

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