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Erythrina humeana | Dwarf coral tree for sale | Kleinkoraalboom te koop

Buy Dwarf coral trees at prices for various bag sizes: see below.

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Dwarf coral tree is mildly frost, and somewhat drought tolerant.  It is a small, compact, deciduous tree, known for its beautiful, large, red flowers. Erythrina humeana may flower more than once in a season. When its pods split open, they exhibit bright red seeds. 

 A few gardening ideas:

The Dwarf coral tree has swollen tuber-like roots and should be planted about 1 meter from any paving. It is a small tree and thus an excellent choice for a very small garden. Plant it in well drained soil to prevent root rot, and be careful not to over water the tree -especially during winter when it is without leaves. Erythrina humeana will grow in a container and responds well to pruning. It is an undiscovered jewel.

Value to honeybees: Nectar, N0-2;  Extrafloral Nectar, EN0-1;  Pollen, P0-1;  Flowering months 11-4.   (See  blog-post "The bee-value of South Africa's trees" for an explanation of codes)

Currently only available in 50L

Erythrina humeana FlowersC.JPG

Erythrina humeana (Dwarf coral tree) in 50L for sale. 

Recommended retail price-50L 


  • Height 1.m+

  • Trunk 20mm+

  • Diameter 0.8m+


Prices exclude VAT and delivery cost. Discount available in accordance with Treeshop's policy.

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