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Commiphora harveyi | Copper-stem Corkwood for sale, Koperstamkanniedood

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Copper-stem Corkwood (Commiphora harveyi) is a medium/small, deciduous tree with a unique, thickset stem and branch structure. Flaky bark is common in many Commiphora species. Copper-stem Corkwood's bark is particularly striking in that its peeling copper colored bark reveals a bright green under bark. (See photo). Commiphora harveyi has an upright growth form with a compact, dense canopy, formed by its fairly large, deep green, pinnate and tri-foliate leaves. Its roots are non-invasive. The species is somewhat frost sensitive (tolerates temperatures up to -2C, but will suffer significant bark damage and die-off at lower temperatures). Copper-stem Corkwood is a fast grower. It bears inconspicuous white flowers, with male and female flowers on separate trees. The species is quite water wise, responds well to pruning and will thrive in a large pot. It is also an excellent bonsai.   

A few gardening ideas:

Commiphora harveyi is a unique garden tree for the connoisseur. It is one of the most striking Commiphoras. Planting it in your garden will attract much attention and conversation! If you live in a cold climate, plant it in a large pot and move it inside when a cold front is eminent. In our experience harveyi has an amazingly low root/tree ratio, which makes it an ideal pot/bonsai tree.  Note: root/tree ratio: (tree mass below ground)/(tree mass above ground)

Value to honeybees: Unknown

Currently only available in 80L

Copper-stem Corkwood for sale | Koperstamkanniedood te koop | Commiphora harveyi.jpg

Commiphora harveyi (Copper-stem Corkwood) in 80L for sale. 

Recommended retail price: 


  • Height 3m+

  • Trunk 100mm+

  • Diameter 1.5m+


Commiphora harveyi bark.jpg

Prices exclude VAT and delivery cost. Discount available in accordance with Treeshop's policy.

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