Combretum kraussii | Forest bushwillow trees for sale

Forest bushwillow tree prices from R375 to R950 depending on size. See below.

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Forest bushwillow withstands light frost and moderate drought. It is a deciduous tree and grows relatively fast. Leaves are glossy green and have a leathery touch. Sometimes Combretum kraussii’s new leaves have a whitish appearance. The tree exhibits striking red and red-brown autumn colors. Regrettably Combretum kraussii hybridizes with Combretum erythrophyllum and these hybrids are frequently found at retail nurseries. If you desire a “pure” Forest bushwillow, buy it from a reliable source. Combretum kraussii has a non-aggressive root system. It will grow reasonably well in a container.

For more information on this species go to Plantz Africa Combretum kraussii Forest bushwillow

Not available in 450L

Combretum kraussii (Forest bushwillow)  in 100L for sale. 

Recommended retail price R950


  • Height 2.5m

  • Trunk 40mm+

  • Diameter 1.5m+

Combretum kraussii (Forest bushwillow) in 50L for sale. 

Recommended retail price R375


  • Height 1.5m+

  • Trunk 20mm+

  • Diameter 0.8m+

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