Dichrostachys cinerea | Sickle-bush for sale

Sickle-bush tree price R420. See below.

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Sickle-bush is a very hardy deciduous tree. It can withstand extreme frost and drought. Dischrostachys cinerea is a fast grower and bear attractive two-tone yellow and pink pendulous flowers. Initially Sickle-bush looks more like a shrub than a tree but it responds well to pruning and can be trained into a single trunk. Sickle bush has the tendency to grow rank if not controlled. It will fare well in a container and we recommend this method for a small garden. Dichrostachys cinerea is a popular bonsai.

Not available in 450L and 100L. 

Dichrostachys cinerea (Sickle-bush) for sale in 50L. 
Recommended retail price R420 


  • Height 2m+

  • Trunk 35mm+

  • Diameter 1,2m+

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