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Atalaya alata | Lebombo Krantz-ash for sale | Lebombo-kransesseboom

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Lebombo Krantz-ash (Lebombo-kransesseboom) is a medium/small, deciduous tree with a compact, up-right growth form when planted in full sun. It has dark green, compound leaves, provide patch shade. The species bears small but attractive white, bisexual flowers. Atalaya alata is fast growing with non invasive roots. Lebombo Krantz-ash is somewhat frost sensitive (temperature should not go below -0.5 degrees Celsius). It is fairly water wise.  

A few gardening ideas:

The growth form, growth rate and size of Atalaya alata makes it a good choice for screening. Although deciduous, it is without leaves for only short period. Lebombo Krantz-ash is an easy to grow, no-nonsense species.  We have no experience relating to planting this species in a large pot, but expect that it will not do well.

Value to honeybees: Unknown

Currently only available in 50L

Lobombo Krantz-ash for sale | Lebombo-kransesseboom | Atalaya alata.jpg

Atalaya alata (Lebombo Krantz-ash) in 50L for sale. 

Recommended retail price-50L 


  • Height 2m+

  • Trunk 25mm+

  • Diameter 0.8m+


Prices exclude VAT and delivery cost. Discount available in accordance with Treeshop's policy.

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