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Sersia erosa | Broom karee trees for sale | Besemkaree

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Broom karee is frost hardy and drought tolerant. It is an evergreen tree with a multi-stem, shrub-like growth form and grows at a medium-fast rate. Searsia (previously Rhus) erosa has bright green, trifoliate leaves with long, slender, slightly toothed leaflets. It bears inconspicuous male and female flowers on separate trees. Only female trees grow fruit. Broom karee grows naturally in the Karoo, especially on stony hills, where they may form stands.

Some gardning ideas

Broom karee is an easy grower with a non-invasive root system. It is an ideal screening tree up to a height of 2m. The tree prefers full sun. Searsia erosa's robustness, dense growth form and shiny, delicate leaf structure, makes it an ideal candidate for a small or even very small garden.  Broom karee is an undiscovered jewel.

Value to honeybees: Unknown

For more information on Broom karee's size and shape, as well as its pot planting and bonsai potential click here

Learn more about this species at PlantZAfrica Searsia-erosa

Currently only available in 50L

Searsia erosa | Broom karee | Besemkaree for sale.jpg

Searsia erosa (Broom karee) in 50L for sale. 

Recommended retail price-50L 


  • Height 1.2m+

  • Trunk - multiple

  • Diameter 0.8m+


Broom karee tree mature size and shape

mature Broom karee tree

Please refer to image#1, which we  recently took at the Welvanpas guest farm near Middelburg in the Eastern cape.. It shows  the typical size and shape of the species. We estimate the height of this mature specimen at about 1,5m, and its diameter at about 2m.

Image2, also taken at the Welvanpas guest farm, shows Searsia erosa in its typical Karoo habitat of stony koppies. Observe the small, bushy growth form of the species. Winter temperature in this arid area can reach -6C, hence our conclusion that the species is frost and drought tolerant. 


Searsia erosa, Welvanpas Farm.jpg


Searsia erosa2 Welvanpas Farm.jpg

Image3 shows a "size and shape" icon, which we propose for Searsia erosa. We classify its crown form as "oval", its trunk as "multi-stem" and its primary branch structure as "V-shape". The size of the Broom karee tree icon, when measured against a 1.8m tall person,  is about 2m high and 3m diameter.  We estimate that this is a typical size and shape that one can expect a Broom karee tree to achieve in a garden setting with ideal soil and water availability. It will reach this size in about 4 years.

searsia erosa-icon.jpg


Can a Broom karee grow in a pot?  Can it be trained as a bonsai?

It is our experience at the Treeshop nursery that Searsia erosa does well in a nursery bag. This signals good news  for the species' pot planting potential. As far as its potential as a bonsai is concerned, the delicate leaf structure and low branching growth habit of the tree holds much promise for growing it as a bonsai. A miniaturized display of Broom karee with a sizable rock will create a true African bonsai experience. (#Broomtreeafricanbonsai) Refer image#2 above.

We have planted a few Broom karee trees in pots and also as bonsai. Images will be uploaded in due course.

Prices exclude VAT and delivery cost. Discount available in accordance with Treeshop's policy.

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