Syzygium cordatum | Waterberry | Waterbessie in 450L for sale

Syzygium cordatum (Waterberry, Waterbessie) in 450L for sale

Main attributes of Syzygium cordatum:

  • Fast growing
  • Evergreen
  • Rather aggressive and dense secondary root system
  • Sensitive: -0 degrees Celcius


Syzygium cordatum | Waterberry for sale | Treeshop indigenous tree. Large

  • Syzygium cordatum is available in two growth forms:

    • Single stem, about 3m high, with trunk diameter about 100 mm, and crown diameter about 2m. Branching structure starts about 1.8m above ground level.
    • Multi stem, about 3m high, with trunk diameter immediately below multi stem structure about 150mm. Crown diameter is about 2.5m.

    Syzygium cordatum is also available in:

    • 100L bags. Click here
    • 50L bags. Click here

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