Olea Europaea ssp africana | Wild olive | Olienhout in 450L for sale

Olea africana (Wild olive, Olienhout) in 450L for sale 

Main attributes of Olea africana:

  • Slow growing
  • Beautiful mushroom canopy
  • Evergreen
  • Very hardy: -6 degrees Celcius

Olea europaea ss africana | Wild olive for sale | Treeshop indigenous tree large

  • Olea africana is available in two growth forms:

    • Single stem, about 3.2m high, with trunk diameter about 80 mm, and crown diameter about 2m. Branching structure starts about 1.8m above ground level.
    • Low branching mushroom form (the natural growth form of Olea africane) about 2.5m high, with trunk diameter immediately below branching structure about 120mm. Crown diameter is about 2.5m.

    Olea africana is also available in:

    • 100L bags. Click here
    • 50L bags. Click here

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