Acacia/Vachellia xanthophloea | Koorsboom | Fever Tree in 450L for sale

Acacia/Vachellia xanthophloea in 450L for sale

Main attributes of Acacia xanthophloea:

  • Fast growing
  • Beautiful green trunk and branches
  • One of a few species which photosynthesis through bark
  • Deciduous
  • Sensitive: -0 degrees Celcius


Acacia xanthophloea | Fever Tree | Koorsboom in 450L for sale

  • Height of  trees that are ready for sale is about 3.5m; Stem diameter is about 90mm and crown diameter is about 2m.

    Acacia xanthophloea is also available in:

    • 100L bags. Click here
    • 50L bags. Click here

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