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Calodendrum capense | Cape-chestnut tree for sale | Wildekastaiing

Buy Cape-chestnut trees at prices for various bag sizes: see below.

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Cape-chestnut (Wildekastaiing) is a frost hardy, medium size, evergreen tree which grows at an average rate. It has slightly aggressive roots and requires modest water. The tree is known for its striking, pale-pink flowers, often born in profusion. Flowers soon develop into large, woody fruit with a knobbly appearance.

A few gardening ideas:

Cape-chestnut is a must plant if you want flowering trees in your garden. Since it can grow quite large, we recommend this tree for larger gardens only, where it will also provide shade.  Calodendrum capense has been grown as a bonsai, so one would expect it to grow well in a large pot. Unfortunately we do not have first hand experience of this. Plant it in a well-drained container if you want to enjoy the splendor of this magnificent tree in a small or very small garden.

Value to honeybees: Nectar, N1-2;  Pollen, P1-3;  Flowering months 7-3, (10-12).   (See  blog-post "The bee-value of South Africa's trees" for an explanation of codes)

For more information on this species go to PlantZAfrica Calodendrum capense, Cape-chestnut, Wildekastaiing

Currently only available in 50L

Cape-chestnut for sale | Wildekastaiing | Calodendrum capense.jpg

Calodendrum capense (Cape chestnut) in 50L for sale. 

Recommended retail price-50L 


  • Height 1.8m+

  • Trunk 20mm+

  • Diameter 0.8m+


Picures showing the beauty of Calodendrum capense

Calodendrum capense (Cape chestnut) flowering in the Garen Route National Park, South Africa

A magnificent, very large Calodendrum capense (Cape Chestnut) tree flowering in the Garden Route National Park near Knysna.

Calodendrum capense used as a street tree in George, South Africa

Calodendrum capense (Cape Chestnut) used as a street tree, George, South Africa

Calodendrum capense flowers C.JPG

Calodendrum capense (Cape Chestnut) flowers

Prices exclude VAT and delivery cost. Discount available in accordance with Treeshop's policy.

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